Company Overview

A bank that asks "why?"

You do a million different things every single day. For each of those things, there's a "why?" that drives you. That's what we're interested in: the "why?"

We built American National Bank over 100 years ago with the same curiosity. We believe that you have to understand someone's motivation before you can help them to achieve their goals. And we carry that with us to today.

We believe in celebrating the hard work, innovation, courage, and determination of our clients, whether they're applying for a new business loan or opening up their first savings account. We get to know our clients so we can help guide them on the best path possible.

In this community, we've taken great strides to improve lives, grow businesses and provide financial freedom to our customers. We believe in the independence and integrity of our customers, and help them to do the best with their answers to life's biggest "why's?"

Our Mission Statement

Be the preferred financial services provider to businesses and individuals, while providing rewarding challenges and opportunities to our employees and investing in the communities where we live.


Company Summary
American National Bank
Number of Employees
500 or more
(402) 399-5068
8990 West Dodge Road
Omaha, NE